What kind of Man United fan are you?

Ask any football player especially now, how’s it playing football without the fans in the stadium & pat comes his answer, “Football without fans is nothing”. While, fans flocking the stadium seems to be an alien concept currently, it is the fans who make the game what it truly is. There are all kinds of fans who follow a team & like all fingers aren’t the same, so are fans & their thinking, not on the same wavelength.

We discover today some different breeds of fans who you may not have known, but they exist today. So which category of Manchester United fan are you from the ones listed below?

  • #GlazersIn – Hard to believe that there are such fans who exist today on the face of earth. Despite siphoning off more than 1 billion pounds & the club being in absolute shambles, there are fans out there who still support the Glazers. The reason – because they have invested in the club since the takeover & attributing them for the success they have had with the club. What they unfortunately miss out is everything done by them, is from the sole objective of Return on Investments, whether it is buying players needed for the squad rebuild or repairs to the stadium or hiring people like a Director of Football to manage the operation of the squad. It is reported, that despite not spending enough on the squad in the summer & cribbing about the decrease in revenues due to the pandemic, the Glazers are set to pocket £8.7m in dividends in January ’21.
  • #OleOut – Every win/draw that Man United plays out, there are calls for Ole’s head. If these kind of fans had their way, every manager at United would be sacked in less than 6 months. I just wish these fans do not become managers in their professional career & manage a team, because if they had their way, they would fire their subordinates for every mistake that they make. Gosh!

In the last 7 odd years, since Sir Alex has retired & with the advent of social media platforms, this breed is on the rise due to influencing forums & groups, #OleOut thread is constantly being debated. While being #GlazersOut is understandable, but voicing concerns over every manager who runs the team is irrational. On match days he is constantly cribbing on WhatsApp groups & social media forums flooding them with his critical opinions, blaming the manager for every result. Guess what happens when United wins? He blames Glazers for appointing him. 😀

  • The Worshipper – A fan who absolutely worships the club. He’s got the tattoo of the club, his favorite player & many more tattoos on his body. But it doesn’t stop there, he also blindly supports everything the club does usually. He usually buys every merchandise from the club shop, painting everything he owns red! A jersey at the start of every season is mandatory, while missing out on a match at his favorite pub with his mates is a crime & to top it off renewing the Official Club membership every year goes without saying. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand the fact that every penny he spends, goes eventually to the Glazers.
  • The Day-dreamer – Every fan at every club is a dreamer, but day dreaming? Yes, United has had a history, a rich one, wherein we won every trophy we competed for. Unfortunately, even the Man United admin day dreams today, posting goals & winning moments from our glorious past. Ah, the nostalgia doesn’t seems to stop 😛
  • The Hopeful One – This breed of fans is close to extinction, just like the Orangutan, you rarely see them in the current environment.

These fans hope that Ole is able to turn it around for the club, hopeful that one day Glazers will leave the club, hopeful that Woodward hires a Director of Football & goes back to his earlier role, hopeful that all this too shall pass! These breed of fans have seen it all, from the glory days to the slump, they maintain their feet on the ground & do not get swayed away with one positive result, rather remain hopeful that one day, the tide will turn.

Conclusion – No matter what kind of fan you may be, it is important to stick with the team & the manager & back them through thick & thin.

So, tell me, what kind of fan are you? Comment below.

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