Man United fans – Hibernation mode on!


Hibernation – as defined by Wikipedia, is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms. Hibernation refers to a season of heterothermy that is characterized by low body temperature, slow breathing and heart rate, and low metabolic rate.

Now, looking at all the hate that is coming over towards the club & its fans from rival clubs in England & Europe, it is suggested that you shut your browsers, Facebook, Twitter apps, & stop contributing to football groups/forums across social media. Just Hibernate till the next time the team wins. Yes, that’s exactly what you should look at doing, ‘coz since yesterday, it’s sickening to see posts on Pogba haircuts, 89m pounds et all float on various social forums & groups. Then there are critics, critics who have been wanting the team to fail & since Jose has arrived at the club, (who himself has been at the core of loads of controversies) it has given fodder to hungry critics, who have taken the chance to poke fun at the expense of Manchester United. Well, banter is fine, but calling for sacking the manager (which I read in some forums) was way over the top.

That is the exact reason why Hibernation mode needs to be on, for all Man United fans.

No, I am not asking fans to turn their back on the club & stop backing it. But stand by it! The memory of most critics is short. The next time the team wins, you will see the attitude change towards the team. It has always been like that, therefore take all the hate thrown towards the team with a pinch of salt.


We haven’t seen the best of the team & the best is yet to come. Yes it may be far off from what we have seen over the weekend, yes there are holes to be plugged & puzzles to be resolved, transfers in & out. But that’s the challenge the manager has taken up. Jose is an experienced manager, he would have known the task that lay ahead of him before he took on the job – to make Manchester United challenge for the title on various fronts.

On the road ahead there are hiccups that may arise, yes Jose may have to bench some stars, there may be change in formation, strategies but at the end of the line, the Manchester United we know will rise. It’s understandable, as a football fan, it’s frustrating to see your team lose the way they did in Europa & against Watford (against Man City, they were better in the 2nd half at least), but stay behind the club and you will see a different side, may be soon.

Trust the manager & back the club!



4 thoughts on “Man United fans – Hibernation mode on!

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  1. Agreed with the article, legit enough. But the thing is Jose always had the problem of his relation with the players, recently he slammed Luke Shaw for the defeat, in my opinion it shouldn’t have been done, mistakes are bound to happen, being a madrid and manu fan I am afraid Jose doesn’t spoil his relation with the players just as he did in Madrid and Chelsea back then. Hope for the best, Ggmu!


    1. Thanks for writing Rohit.
      W.r.t to your views, I slightly agree with it. However each manager has his own style, some like to criticize players openly while some don’t. Sir Alex Ferguson was the latter while Jose is the former (earlier in his career he never did so). Every manager likes to kick the players on so that they improve their performance.
      As of now I don’t see a revolt happening, too soon to comment on it. But the squad needs to realize that of they don’t perform soon, they may perish.


  2. A very apt article written….
    I agree with Rohit….. Manchester United has been in the rough patches right from the time Sir Alex has left but i would also like to highlight Mourinho wasnt the manager he is now.. tht he was in the past (look at his past records @ Porto Chelsea and Inter).
    Yes i do agree tht he has had issues with certain particular players in the past but its the mentality of the players tht has made him such a cynic (wages gametime etc)
    board/fans expectations of winning all the trophies,derby clashes,rankings plays an important role too – the time given to settle down to a particular style of play is denied hence failing to deliver results in sacking…
    Mourinho’s stint @ Real madrid ,second spell at Chelsea is a classic example..
    But coming back to the point Manchester United in this season have fed Mo’s ego… The board has given him all the players he wanted but collectively failed to deliver…
    I guess the board should understand tht money doesnt buy throphies (which has been the trend in the past 5 years)
    If they were willing to buy such top class players why wouldnt they offload a few who dont fit Mo’s gameplay i.e Dephay bastian mata jones,why hold on to them and spoil their careers
    The board needs to sort out a lot of internal issues and come up with logical outcomes to bring out- The Glorious Past in the coming future!!!!


    1. Hi Debdeep, Thanks for sharing your views.
      I strongly feel that it is too early to judge for fans, critics & the club. 3 losses and that’s it? everyone goes bonkers blaming the manager & players.
      Remember, even the great Sir Alex Ferguson lost the title on Goal Difference, but he bounced back with the title the next year & won it with a huge margin.
      That’s the reason why the quote from the movie “Rocky” makes sense in this case “.. its not how hard you get hit and you go down. Its about how can you take the hit & get back up”.
      Its all about bouncing back in football. Its a game at the end of the day, there will be losses & wins too.
      Jose Mourinho is a great manager, yes his image has been tarnished over the past 3-4 years with Madrid & Chelsea due to management issues with players & staff.
      I am sure the United board would have considered it while they hired him, but also pointed out to the fact that such cases needs to be avoided.
      Manchester United as a club is far bigger club than either of them, not in terms of money, (yes there too, they are big) but more so from the rich history & traditions that are valued by the club & the fans.
      Jose knows the task in hand & therefore i feel as fans, lets just back him, the players (even if they perform poorly), the club & the board.
      The fans have done so for the past 3 years, what loss is it for another year? Maybe it will turn out for the better.


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